Unit heater with EC technology:

TOP EC and Ultra EC

Our unit heaters are now equipped with the most energy-efficient drive concept, through the use of EC technology, and can now be used wherever energy needs to be saved in the long term. The whisper-quiet sickle-blade fans with EC technology increase energy efficiency and comfort, when compared to conventional AC configurations, through an extended speed range and continuous controllability. A further benefit is their low power consumption, especially in the partial-load range.


Both the Ultra EC as well as the TOP EC meet the efficiency requirements of Directive 2009 / 125 / EC (ErP 2015).


View technical data for output calculations with the TOP EC and Ultra EC here.


Control: The electronic speed controller with timer program, type 30515, is new for EC unit heaters, enabling up to 10 unit heaters to be connected in parallel. Other EC 2-pipe systems can also be connected. One or more additional sensors help to determine the mean room temperature.


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