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We have gained a wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge and expertise throughout decades of cooperation with contractors in the hotel sector – we can guarantee a high degree of reliability with this knowledge and expertise.

You can see from our references that we can adapt to conditions on site from case to case, perfectly meeting all the demands placed on heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.


In doing so, we not only maximise space perfectly (throughout the hotel) – we also attach great importance to meeting the exacting demands placed on aesthetics and acoustics, for example, in hotels. Kampmann products are not just effective, but perfectly adapted to the respective conditions on site, becoming at one with their environment.


Our extensive range of HVAC solutions will not only satisfy hotel operators in the long term – but your client will also appreciate the benefits.


Nothing creates a better impression than the opinions of existing customers – therefore we'd be pleased to offer you the unique service of speaking directly to the contacts on our reference projects. See for yourself the quality of our installations with a visit to a reference project.


Want to see more? Click here to gain an overview of our reference projects with project-specific information and photos.