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Each of the different functional areas of hotels presents completely different requirements that you have to consider individually, as a designer. With our extensive knowledge and expertise we have the ideal solution for every space.

All these different spaces – from different sizes and layouts of bedrooms to conference rooms, atria, entrance lobbies or restaurant areas, not forgetting adjacent spa and wellness facilities – need to be considered separately and equipped with tailored HVAC systems.


We understand the different requirements within spaces and can therefore highlight specifics and support you with the right choice of unit from our product range. We will analyse the local conditions on site and properly assess the respective demands that every space places on the HVAC systems.


With our many years of experience in the installation of building services units within hotel complexes, we are in a position to advise you with regard to each individual functional area and develop individual solutions together with you. We have the right products for any size and layout of space to ensure the optimum well-being of your guests – and ultimately your clients too.


As is the case with all Kampmann solutions, our products also meet the high expectations of architects, clients and hotel guests, in terms of the design and functionality of room layout, as well as meeting all technical requirements.


Regardless of the needs of your space in terms of HVAC systems - together with you we'll find the best solution!