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Energy efficiency is now the focus of all designs in the hotel sector. We can support you with our extensive knowledge and expertise to help you design an energy-efficient HVAC system.

The growing importance of energy efficiency, alongside its effect on climate change, is based above all on the rise in energy costs, resulting in operators becoming increasingly interested in the most efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems possible. This leads to more and more sustainable and energy-saving systems and products being given preference.


Energy-efficiency plays a key role especially in the hotel sector, due to the large number of different rooms and their different occupancy times and densities. The special circumstances in hotels require the perfect interplay of individual HVAC systems, as otherwise unnecessary costs could be generated and the energy consumption would be disproportionately high.


With Kampmann systems you will not only be preserving the environment, but also making significant savings. We use mechanical components, which correspond to the state of the art, and have also been optimised to the lowest possible energy consumption.


For example, room control can be linked to room booking software to ensure that only bedrooms in use are heated, cooled or ventilated, thereby saving energy without increased complexity in terms of operation or maintenance.


Our products meet the need for energy-saving technical systems and can be adapted individually to the respective needs of your building. We'd be pleased to use our knowledge and expertise to assist you in finding an energy-efficient solution. With us at your side you'll save time and money.